SVFC Launches Recruitment Campaign

The Sergeantsville Volunteer Fire Company is launching a recruitment campaign to attract more volunteer firefighters.

A new recruitment website, went live in February, along with a new branding tagline to promote the campaign: “New Day. New Challenges. Unwavering Commitment.”  It was derived from a zoom focus group where volunteers shared their distinctive motivations for joining, and their experiences answering fire and rescue calls.

The comprehensive recruitment program will include: an increased social media presence, mailings, promotional videos and personalized outreach to the community they serve.

“Our new recruitment campaign gives a glimpse into volunteering with us and provides insights into the mission of the Sergeantsville Volunteer Fire Company,” said Shawn Warren, Recruitment and Retention Committee Chair. “We are very excited to start the campaign, share our story, and show prospective volunteers how rewarding volunteer firefighting can be.”

Sergeantsville volunteers share in this enthusiasm, since their own firefighting experiences have been so rewarding.

“No matter how many times we go out the door, nothing is ever the same. Every call is a new challenge and a chance to solve someone’s problem,” said Chief Greg Bunting.

Every emergency call is unique, but the volunteers’ commitment to the community and strong drive to get the job done remains the same.

“It’s a calling that we take seriously,” said past Chief Edward Fleming. “Whether it be a fire, a drill, or training, we give it our all to get the job done.”

To learn more about volunteering, the new website will be incorporated into all print and digital marketing materials to encourage the community to sign up. Website visitors can also fill out an inquiry form to learn more about the company and begin the application process.

Volunteer Opportunities

Since its founding in 1951, Sergeantsville Volunteer Fire Company has been 100% run by volunteers and always welcomes new members. Although members come from all professions and walks of life, they are united by their collaborative effort to keep the community safe.

Extra help is always wanted at fire companies and no prior experience is required. Sergeantsville Volunteer Fire Company provides all training and gear to its members at no cost.

The following volunteer opportunities are available:

  • Firefighter – Volunteer firefighters respond to emergencies and fires in Delaware Township and surrounding communities. Firefighters get state-certified training at the Hunterdon County Emergency Services Training Center and ongoing training at bi-monthly drill nights.
  • Junior Firefighter – At 16 and 17, junior firefighters gain exposure to firefighting by participating in training and by assisting firefighters at emergencies.
  • Fire-Police – During emergency scenes and community events, fire-police direct traffic and crowds, helping to keep the public and firefighters safe.
  • Associate Member – Volunteers who don’t want to be at emergency scenes, but still want to give back to the community serve as associate members. They assist with organizational, administrative and fundraising activities and keep the fire company running effectively.

To learn more about Sergeantsville Volunteer Fire Company or to fill out an inquiry form, please visit or call 609-397-3369.